ZTR-22 Residential Remote Control Lawn Mower

The economically priced TRX-22 remote control lawn mower with its simple to use design combined with its compact size is ideal for around-the-house for the elderly and disabled along with the tech-happy guy who has everything and would like to add to his collection of gadgets.  Besides being fun to operate, this little dude is able to get under low lying branches with ease and tackle moderate slopes making it, not only a blast to control, but quite practical as well.

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robot lawnmower ztr-22 front

 ZTR-22 Remote Control Lawn Mower

  • Twin 24V 300 watt DC 2-pole gear motors
  • Dual 60 amp motor controller with thermal limiting protection - No fuses
  • Remote engine start / stop
  • 24V DC 67Amp GM single wire alternator to keep the battery charged while in use
  • 300' range of operation with electronic fail safe against loss of signal
  • 8.75 PRO Briggs engine w/ 22 inch mulching blade
  • Deck height adjustment from 1-6 inches
  • Steel laminate bumper prevents cave ins against the blade
  • Super sturdy 4-pt spring assisted deck linkage - raises deck with one finger
  • Precision deck leveling up to 1/2" with shims
  • Powder coated heavy-duty welded steel construction
  • Weight: 180 lbs. - Dimensions: 23"W X 16"T X 43"L
  • Optional upgrades - Video control, headlights, & remote deck height adjustment
  • Side discharge / bagger available as an optional upgrade (please call for pricing)
  • Includes all batteries ready to run right out of the box
  • One year warranty against part failure and/or workmanship

**Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.  All mowers come with a one-year warranty against premature part failure and or workmanship.  Feel free to request progress updates and we will be happy to take a few snap-shots and send them over to you.

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