Residential Remote Control Lawn Mowers

"Welcome to The Residential Garage!" 

Our residential remote control mowers are ideal for weekly lawn mowing applications around the house.  Because of the simple to operate joystick controls, our wheeled models are popular with elderly and disabled homeowners.  As with other traditional zero-turn mowers, slope mowing capabilities are limited to going up and down hills. For extreme day-in day-out slope mowing situations, our commercial mowers can handle the steepest of hills on a daily basis. 

TRX-22-SE Remote Control Slope Mower

  • Ideal for steep hills and brush clearing
  • 40 Degree slope mowing capabilities
  • Great for lawn service pros and home owners

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ZTR-22 Remote Control Lawn Mower

  • Ideal for 1/2 acre lawns 
  • 15 Degree slope mowing capabilities
  • Simple to operate/elderly friendly

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ZTR-22-SE Remote Control Lawn Mower 

  • Ideal for rough terrain
  • 25 Degree slope mowing capabilities
  • Simple to operate/elderly friendly

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ZTR-34 and ZTR-42 Hydrostatic

  • Ideal for large 2 acre lawns
  • 25 degree slope mowing capabilities
  • Perfect for home owners with large lawn

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New Deck Height Adjustment 

All of our residential mowers are equipped with a super duty 4-pt deck height linkage system. With its spring assisted design, you are able to easily raise the deck from 2-6 inches with just one finger. The 1/4" X 1" steel plate construction with cross locking, eliminates deck sag and/or bouncing over rough terrain. The deck leveling system with shims up to 1/2" allow for that perfect level cut you expect from a high end mower.

robot deck

**Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.  All mowers come with a one-year warranty against premature part failure and or workmanship.   During the 3-4 weeks, feel free to request progress updates and we will be happy to take a few snap-shots and send them over to you.

All mowers are shipped by YRC Freight.  We offer free shipping to all Continental U.S. residents only.   If ordering from outside the continental U.S. there will be additional delivery time and S&H charges applied.  Interested in becoming a dealer for Summit Lawn Mower Company?  Contact usLet's talk!


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