TRX Series Rubber Tracks

9" Rubber Tracks 

9 Inch Rubber Tracks

6" Rubber Tracks 

6 Inch Rubber Tracks
These are the rubber tracks used on all our TRX series remote control mowers.  They are aftermarket replacement tracks for mini excavators.  These tracks are designed for twice the workload expected in a slope mowing application.  You should never need to replace these tracks under normal operating conditions.  Please contact us if you need a set of tracks.  We can also fabricate a custom undercarriage to fit your needs in a direct drive or chain drive design.  

Large Track Dimensions: 9" X 1" X 44" on 9" rollers  $600.00 each
Small Track Dimensions: 6" X 1" X 44" on 9" rollers  $450.00 each
Lugs on both are 1-3/4" tall x 2-1/2" wide 3-1/2" O.C.

Complete bolt-on undercarriage set with undercarriage frame, rollers, and hardware $3,200 set
Direct drive or #50 chain/sprocket drive design - tracks sold separately


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