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Here is the latest video showcasing our TRX series remote control mowers.  Mowing 50 degree slopes with no turf damage with a machine that doesn't require you to be a rocket scientist in order to service and maintain. 

Remote Control Mowers & Problems Associated with Slopes

     The popular zero-turn mowers today are typically able to take on 10-15 degree slopes without risking an accident.  By using a remote controlled lawnmower, the problems associated with maintaining steep hills are solved.  A professional lawn care provider has to equip 6 or 8 of his men equipped with string trimmers when it comes time to maintain a slope that is too steep to drive his equipment on.  This lowers his productivity by stopping the wheels from turning on his fleet of hi-end power equipment.  This has always been a hindrance for landscape service experts as well as maintenance supervisors on the state DOT (Department of Transportation) and local county maintenance crews.  With OSHA government officials raising the bar on safety regulations, particularly for the DOT guys, slopes over 30 degrees are being left unattended along portions of our nation's highways and other government owned properties.  Parks and recreation facilities are among some other properties affected by these safety regulations.  With all the reigns being tightened on safety standards, an R/C lawn mower is even more practical than ever before.

The R/C Slope Mower Solution

We have the answer to maintaining large area slopes with our hydro-static lineup.  By placing the operator out of harm's way, safety concerns are eliminated.  By not having a 200 pound rider on top, combined with an industrial grade track drive design, commercial models such as the TRX-34 remote control lawn mower are able to achieve a very low center of gravity giving it slope mowing capabilities entering the 40 degree range.  I do not expect to see these 34-60 inch mowers replacing the traditional tractors in which the DOT crews need when maintaining hundreds of acres along the highway, but our current line of commercial equipment is being used by lawn care professionals in mountain regions.  We plan on releasing a hydraulic powered industrial line in the near future to offer a solution to large area slope mowing that the DOT departments just might be more interested in.  For the latest updates, follow us on Facebook with the link above or check out our shop talk pages from time to time.

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